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FDA Takes Shortcuts, Endangers Americans’ Health

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for the oversight of prescription and over-the-counter drugs in the United States. Before a new drug can be introduced to the public, the FDA must approve it. The approval process includes conducting clinical trials, and a complex application process. Further, once the drug makes it to market, it is also the[...]

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8.3 Million Dollar Mesothelioma Verdict

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues Will Minkin, Gary Ignatowski, Andy Cantor, Jim Zavakos, and Liz Ciociola for their well-deserved victory on behalf of Patrick Rossello, a living 64 year old against a local drywall contractor, Lloyd E. Mitchell. The jury awarded 7,500,000 for non-economic damages and another 600,000 for medical bills and lost wages. Mr. Rossello reportedly had 4[...]

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Impressive result against respirator manufacturer American Optical

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues Joe Satterly and Denyse Clancy for an impressive result against respirator manufacturer American Optical. The Plainitff Mr. Tyler worked for 13 years cutting JM Marinite asbestos containing boards in a small manufacturing facility. He wore 3M and American Optical respirators. Unfortunately the respirators didn't work. This week a jury handed down an award of[...]

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Testing for Anemia in Young Children

It is a well-known practice in the medical community to routinely screen infants and young children for iron deficiency, anemia and lead poisoning. Typically, these tests take place between the ages of nine and twelve months and again between 18 and 24 months. Lead poisoning is especially common in areas with high rates of poverty, due to poor nutrition and[...]

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Elderly Face Barriers to Health Care in America

A new study makes offers some solemn conclusions about health care availability for elderly Americans living in rural areas. The research, which was conducted by Leah Goers of the University of Oregon, concluded that elderly Americans who live in rural areas are at an increased risk of health complications and death due to their lack of access to good healthcare.[...]

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$14,000,000  Mesothelioma Verdict

Congratulations to my co-counsel, friends and colleagues  David Greenstone, Jordan Blumenfeld-James and Sam Iola in their stunning defeat of CRANE CO and WILLIAM POWELL in Federal Court in Phoenix, AZ. The case involved exposure to asbestos containing  gasket and packing case. The Plainitff  George Colbourn, was a civilian employee of the navy from 1959-1966. Under Arizona law Crane Co. will[...]

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Asbestos Fraud Continues

As millions of people unsuspectingly continue to be exposed to asbestos the fraud continues. See below. Russian scientist uses deceptive tactics in seeking to overturn bans on asbestos Kathleen Ruff, RightOnCanada.ca, March 23, 2016 Russian scientist, Sergei Jargin, recently published an article stating that bans and restrictions on asbestos are based on scientific research that lacks objectivity and independence. Banning[...]

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Drugs Rationed, Patients Kept in the Dark

Imagine going to a hospital for a treatment or procedure and being told that the hospital only had so much medicine, and they were going to give it to a different patient instead of you. Now, imagine the same scenario, only this time pretend that the hospital does not tell you that you will not get the medication. Instead, they[...]

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Doctor Predictions About Birth Weight

Incorrect birth weight predictions can result in birth injuries. According to a recent article in The New York Times, every year thousands of women give birth to a baby whose weight is much different than what the doctor predicted. These erroneous birth weight predictions do have an impact on the process of childbirth and can result in injury. But do[...]

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Proton Pump Inhibitors Linked to Yet Another Health Concern

Most people would agree that medications should do more good than harm. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as is highlighted by new evidence regarding proton pump inhibitors. Proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, are drugs that are prescribed to patients to treat one of the most common ailments suffered by Americans: heartburn. While past studies of PPIs have been[...]

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Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Last October, an underground storage facility near Porter Ranch began leaking substantial amounts of methane gas. Many nearby residents became ill, and thousands were forced to relocate. While officials from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health have reassured residents that the air quality does not pose long-term health risks and that it will begin stepping up procedures for air[...]

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Attempt to Corrupt Literature on Asbestos Related Injuries

It is a very sad state of affairs when the asbestos industry stoops so low and tries to corrupt the scientific literature just to help it defend prior bad conduct in court. The wrongdoers lobby is relentless but we will never give up the fight of protecting the rights of those wrongfully injured. See the attached story for the latest[...]

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Co-Counsel Charles Siegel’s Success

Congratulations to our friend and Co-counsel Charles Siegel on a rare plaintiffs' win in the Fifth Circuit. Charles convinced the court to reverse a Federal Judge in Louisiana who found the plaintiff improperly joined a Louisiana Distributor and had denied plaintiff’s motion to remand on those grounds The Appellate court has now clarified the standard on fraudulent or improper joinder.

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A Few Doctors Account for a Disproportionate Number of Malpractice Claims

According to a story from National Public Radio, a new study from Stanford researchers shows that a small number of doctors are linked to an outsize share of medical malpractice claims. The study examined 66,000 malpractice claims paid against 54,000 doctors nationwide between 2005 and 2014, and its results may offer guidance on improving patient care by providing insight into[...]

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