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Multicounty Litigation (Mass Torts): Practice in New Jersey & Beyond

Tuesday, January 26 New Jersey Law Center - Central 4:30PM - 8:00PM Dear Colleagues: In addition to providing an the annual update on the important developments in the law and individual mass tort cases, this year's mass tort and class action conference will feature the judicial perspective from the mass tort state and federal trial courts all the way to the[...]

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Airbags: One of the First of Many Automobile Safety Innovations

Over the past 50 years, automobiles have become remarkably safer. In fact, the earliest models of cars lacked many of safety features that are commonplace today, such as seatbelts and airbags. While cars are becoming safer, the number auto accidents every year still remains alarmingly high. The following considers advances in auto technology, as well as liability when technology is[...]

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Takata Air Bags Linked to U.S. Deaths

One of the on-going stories in the arena of defective products has been the recent recall of airbags made by Japanese airbag manufacturer, Takata. As it turns out, a large number of Takata were installed in U.S. vehicles. Takata airbags have been identified as having potentially faulty airbag inflators, which increases the risk of the airbag exploding and causing flying[...]

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The Science Behind Concussion

For years there has been debate about whether repetitive head traumas can, over time, actually cause degenerative changes to the brain. On Christmas day, a new sports medicine drama Concussion, starring Will Smith and Alec Baldwin, was released in theaters. The movie explores the story of a Pittsburg pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu, as he tries to fight the National Football[...]

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Unnecessary Surgeries Create Unnecessary Risk

Cosmetic surgery aside, it is safe to say that most people would not willingly submit to unnecessary surgery. Yet millions of unnecessary surgeries are performed each year in the United States on unsuspecting patients. These unnecessary procedures expose uninformed and unwitting patients to serious health risks, complications, infection, additional surgery, or even death. Undoubtedly, if these patients had full informed[...]

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Travelers Insurance Ordered to Pay $36 Million

A federal judge recently ruled that Travelers Insurance Company must pay General Refractories Co. (GRC) a total of $36 million, with $15 million of that being interest, in excess liability coverage for asbestos lawsuits against GRC. GRC Settles Asbestos Cases The recent decision involving Travelers Insurance stems from a slew of asbestos cases filed against GRC (totally approximately 33,000 asbestos[...]

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Appendicitis: Antibiotics May Work Just as Well as Surgery

Appendicitis is a condition that is characterized by inflammation of the appendix. The most common symptom of the disorder is severe pain in the lower right side of the abdomen, which is also often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. Typically, the treatment for appendicitis is immediate surgery. However, new research suggests that in children[...]

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Unfair Class Action & Asbestos Legislation

Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives considered HR 1927, the so-called “Fairness in Class Action Litigation and Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act of 2015,” which combines two completely unrelated bills—asbestos and class actions—into a single piece of legislation that enables corporations to avoid accountability when they’ve harmed consumers and knowingly exposed American workers and families to asbestos. The bill is[...]

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FDA Reclassifies Vaginal Mesh as High-Risk Device

On January 4, 2015, the FDA reclassified vaginal mesh as a high-risk device. The original proposal to reclassify the mesh was announced in April of 2014, and was based on complaints that the surgical mesh had been linked to a variety of complications in female patients. In addition to the reclassification from a class II moderate-risk product to a class[...]

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C/P/R Attorneys Concluded Trial Thought to be First in the Country

C/P/R attorneys William L. Kuzmin and Rachel Placitella recently concluded a trial, thought to be the first in the country, against the manufacturer of a talc containing building product, allegedly contaminated with asbestos. The trial involved our client, Joseph Hollish, who, it was alleged, developed lung cancer as a result of his exposure to asbestos containing products throughout his 20+[...]

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How to Host a CPR Party

Improper resuscitation treatments and interventions to newborns by doctors and nurses frequently lead to birth injury. CPR Parties for Professionals We created this flyer on how to host a CPR party to help spread awareness and encourage professionals who work with babies to learn more about proper life saving treatments and interventions, specifically CPR. In the event of an emergency, proper[...]

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Ban of Indoor Tanning for Children Under 18 Proposed

Indoor tanning is known to be one of the most dangerous things a person can do for their health. To be sure, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that a person’s risk of developing melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer—increases by 59 percent due to the use of indoor tanning beds. In response to this knowledge, the U.S. Food &[...]

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Doctors Turn Away Unvaccinated Children

The debate over vaccinations is a heated one. According to a 2015 article in CNN, 26 states have not met the federal government target of a vaccination rate for MMR of 95 percent. And, the vaccine exemption rate in certain states (including Vermont, Colorado, and Oregon) is higher than four percent. While the decision not to vaccinate may have started[...]

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Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer accounts for less than three percent of cancers amongst women. But it causes more deaths than any other cancers of the female reproductive system. The poor prognosis for the disease is due, in part, to difficulty in detection. Ovarian cancer has no symptoms in early stages, and symptoms usually only develop once[...]

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Long-Term Care Policies Expensive, Complicated

Long-term care insurance policies are meant to provide medical and health care to the elderly and individuals with debilitating conditions that prevent them from being able to care for themselves. Unfortunately, while about 70 percent of people over age 65 will require long-term care before they die, according to an article published in The New York Times, only about 20[...]

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