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$20 Million Jury Verdict in Pelvic Mesh Trial

As reported by, in late April 2017, the case of a Cinnaminson woman who filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson came to an end, with a jury verdict of $20 million in the woman’s favor. The woman, 56-year-old Peggy Engleman, originally filed suit against the company known for its baby and bath products due to defects in the company’s pelvic mesh.

Pelvic Mesh Defects Cause Chronic Pain and Complications

Ms. Engleman stated that she underwent surgery in 2007 to have pelvic mesh implanted in order to relieve urinary incontinence, a condition that a quarter to a third of men and women in the United States suffer from. Shortly after her surgery, the mesh failed.

But the mesh failure alone was not the basis of Engleman’s lawsuit. When, about a month after her original surgery, Engleman sought a secondary surgery for mesh removal, her physician was unable to retrieve the mesh in full. Following multiple surgeries, her doctors have still been unable to entirely remove the pelvic mesh. Not only was she forced to undergo multiple surgeries, but she has also been forced to live with chronic pain as a result.

Engleman Receives $20 Million Verdict

Engleman argued that Johnson & Johnson, and its subsidiary, Ethicon, failed to warn of the risks of the defective product, and failed to create a device that worked as the company marketed it. The case was heard by a Philadelphia common pleas court.

Engleman is not the first woman – and probably will not be the last – to experience serious consequences with pelvic and transvaginal mesh. Johnson & Johnson’s first vaginal mesh settlement occurred in January of 2016, when the company agreed to pay $120 million in an effort to settle thousands of lawsuits against it filed by women who had suffered pain and organ damage as a result of the defective mesh.

Defective Medical Devices Cause Serious Harm to Patients

Patients who are suffering from a medical condition and need the implantation of a medical device as such rarely question the consequences of that device; it is normal to trust your doctor, and medical device manufacturers, with your wellbeing. Unfortunately, companies manufacturer defective products more commonly than one would think, and when they do, the consequences can be serious, and even life threatening. If you have undergone a surgery where vaginal mesh was implanted to treat urinary incontinence or another urogynecological conditional, and if you have suffered complications and harm as a direct result, you have a right to take action.

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