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3.5 Million Dollar Mesothelioma Verdict in Seattle

Today in Seattle a jury awarded Barbara Brandes 3.5 million in damages against Brand Insulation. Brand provided and installed asbestos insulation at the Arco refinery in Cherry Point Washington in 1971 and 1972. Barbara’s husband Ray worked with insulation at the Arco refinery from 1971 to 1975, and she was exposed to asbestos carried home on his clothing. He had been diagnosed with asbestosis in 2009, but could not testify in the case because of his health. Unfortunately Barbara did not live to see justice done–she passed away Sunday evening, the night before closing argument at the age of 81.

Congratulations to Tom Hart who led the trial team, assisted by Kaitlin Wright, who put on witnesses and shared closing in only her second trial. I tried cases with Tom Hart who is highly skilled and one of the best lawyers I know. Tom and I both had the same mentor – the great Ron Motley.

Brand will not be responsible for paying the entire verdict as the jury apportioned fault to other settling defendants. The insurance carrier for Brand is Resolute.

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