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$3.723 million in a wrongful death case in Minnesota

Congratulation to our friends Ben Braly and Jessica Dean who just received, on behalf of our client, a verdict in the amount of $3.723 million in a wrongful death case in Minnesota. As we understand it, this is 6 times higher than any wrongful death verdict in a MN asbestos case.

Bendix, the lone remaining defendant in a case in which our client, Ron Conda, worked most of his life at Northern States Power, was found 10% at fault which means they will pay at least 4.5 times more than they ever offered.

They had 5 lawyers working on this full time so they also paid extraordinary litigation cost.

Special tip of the cap to Ben Braly who worked the case up, picked the jury in this record setting Minnesota wrongful death case and had the unenviable task of crossing Gabarant among others. Thanks also to Mike Strom and all the folks at Sieben Polk for their expert guidance and help. We are also thrilled to the extent that this helps other Minnesota families in their quest for resolution and justice.

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