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$ 4.4 Million Mesothelioma Lawsuit Verdict


Congratulations to Phil Hoffman and David Cannella  for their $4,401,000  verdict  versus Ford and Sud Chemie (Southern Talc) for a deceased mesothelioma victim.

The proof of exposure in this case was different than many mesothelioma cases.Southern Talc sold talc to Johns Manville (JM) for use in its asphalt roofing plant (JM also made transite pipe at that plant). The plaintiff contended the talc contained asbestos.  For years, JM gave away scrap material from its operations for use as driveway fill material in the neighborhood.

Both defendants vehemently argued agianst responsibilty. The Jury assessed a percentage of responsibilty to each defendant as well as to other settled defendants.

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