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Asbestos Exposure and Certainteed

I had the honor to represent David Egan and his family. David was one of those bigger than life renaissance men who would fill the room no matter how large. David was a lover of literature –so much so that the tens of thousands of original publications lines almost every wall of his home. Most of all David loved his family.

When David was young man he worked in the research department of Certainteed in Ambler Pennsylvania. Certainteed made asbestos cement pipe. Unfortunately David was never warned of the dangers of asbestos while he worked at Certainteed. 30 Years later David developed mesothelioma a cancer of the lining of the lung only caused by asbestos exposure. Attached is the deposition of Certainteed executive Lloyd Ambler wherein the truth about what Certainteed knew about the dangers of asbestos is examined under oath. Also attached are some of the internal corporate documents used to prove Mr. Egan’s Case.

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