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California Jury Awards 8.6 Million Dollars in Mesothelioma Lawsuit Against Crown Cork

Congratulations to my friend and colleague Scott Frost and his entire team at Waters & Krause for achieving justice for the family of Bill Saller. The California Jury awarded five million dollars in compensatory damages and 3.6 million dollars in punitive damages in a recent mesothelioma lawsuit. The jury found the sole defendant at trial Crown Cork & Seal, 30 percent responsible for the compensatory award and 100 percent responsible for the punitive award.

The victory is vindication for the Saller family who lost the case the first time it was tried back in 2007.  The defense verdict  was overturned on appeal and sent back for retrial.

Crown Cork is responsible for the sale of the insulation product known as Mundet which was used extensively in the refinery where Mr. Saller worked. Crown Cork is known nationally for its refusal to settle and for how hard it fights asbestos victims. Unfortunately even with a finding of punitive damages , it seems doubtful that Crown Cork will change its litigation posture with other asbestos victims. Maybe -hopefully the message sent by this jury will be heard by people that matter.

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