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Cleveland Mesothelioma Case Against Kelsey Hayes Awards 27.5 Million

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues Gary Paul, Demetrios Zacharopoulos and John Mismas for such a tremendous victory. The plaintiff John Panza was only 40 years old and suffering from mesothelioma. He and his wife Jane began dating in high school. John is a college professor. John’s exposure to asbestos came  from his father who was a bystander at a facility the worked on friction materials. John’s father  brought the asbestos fibers  home on his clothes. The jury found the remaining defendant at trial Kelsey Hayes 60% responsible. This is the second major verdict for the Waters & Krause firm this week. Also working on the case were Kyla Cole, Tommy Kneist,  Paul Anderson and Jessica Simpson proving it takes a solid team to achieve these results.

This was only the  compensatory damage phase of the trial. A punitive damage trial will follow.

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