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Eric Buchart World Famous Mesothelioma Doctor Explains Mesothelioma and its Implications

in representing people diagnosed with mesothelioma we get an unusual number of calls from members of the public including families whose loved ones have been recently diagnosed just wanting to know more about the disease and what the health implications are. Because we have contact with some of the best experts in the world we are in the fortunate position of being able to help. There actually have been cases where the patients family physician has given a rather grim prognosis but we were able to put the family in touch with great doctors who were able to provide hope and in some cases long-term survival. One of the great physicians known worldwide for his historical work in mesothelioma is Dr. Eric Buchart.  Accordingly  we asked the doctor if he would mind providing a series of videos that could be used as a resource for people needing more information. This is one of those videos. For more information about mesothlioma cases, contact Cohen, Placitella, and Roth.

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