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GM Ignition Defect Timeline

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Having represented people injured by defective products for many years  from tobacco to asbestos to defective drugs, I am of the firm belief that when more than five people are hurt by a product someone  was aware that the injuries would or could happen. The situation with General Motors seems to bear out my theory once again. NPR published a story with a timeline that is worth looking at.  Entitled Timeline: A History Of GM’s Ignition Switch Defect : NPR 

In February, General Motors issued sweeping recalls for several models suspected of having a faulty switch that automatically turns the car’s engine off and prevents air bags from deploying — while the car is in motion. More than 2.6 million cars have been recalled so far. At the core of the problem is a part in the vehicle’s ignition switch that is 1.6 millimeters less “springy” than it should be. Because this part produces weaker tension, ignition keys in the cars may turn off the engine if shaken just the right way

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