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Graham-Cassidy Bill Could Have Ended Coverage for a Million Pennsylvania Residents

On Tuesday, September 26, Senators in Congress decided that because they did not have enough votes to pass the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill–the latest in a string of Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA)–they would not hold a vote. As such, the bill died before it was ever a real threat, but its aim–and the likely aim of potential pieces of legislation in the future–is no less concerning.

The Graham-Cassidy Bill Could Have Affected Coverage for More than a Million in Pennsylvania Alone

As explained by an article in, the Graham-Cassidy bill, named for Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, was one of the most conservative healthcare proposals thus far that would have been brought forth since Trump was elected to the presidency. Had the bill passed, it would have ended coverage for tens of millions of Americans, including at least one million people in the state of Pennsylvania alone.

The coverage cuts would have been a result of cuts to Medicaid expansion, which the bill proposed eliminating. Medicaid expansion has extended coverage to more than 707,000 people living in Pennsylvania, who would have lost this benefit. The article also reports that the bill would have cut funding for health care in Pennsylvania by more than $15 billion by 2027. What’s more, because each state would have had the option of opting out of the federal provision that protects those with preexisting conditions from being denied healthcare coverage, it is not unlikely that many people in the state of Pennsylvania (and surely millions throughout the nation), would have lost coverage. An article published in CNBC reports that up to 20 million people could have lost coverage had the bill been passed.

Another Defeat for Republicans and President Trump

Despite the fact that Republicans hold the majority in the Senate, they were unable to secure the votes needed to justify a vote on the bill, with many Republicans taking harsh criticisms from their colleagues and President Trump. Whatever problems with the ACA that may exist, it is clear that many Americans will be affected if any healthcare bill is passed which will limit coverage. However, while this may have been yet another defeat at an attempt to repeal the ACA for Republicans in the Senate and President Trump, Americans may still anticipate that the administration, and the ACA’s fiercest opponents, will continue to fight aggressively for its appeal.

Protecting Healthcare for Millions of Americans

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