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Impressive result against respirator manufacturer American Optical

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues Joe Satterly and Denyse Clancy for an impressive result against respirator manufacturer American Optical.
The Plainitff Mr. Tyler worked for 13 years cutting JM Marinite asbestos containing boards in a small manufacturing facility. He wore 3M and American Optical respirators. Unfortunately the respirators didn’t work.

This week a jury handed down an award of $22,800,000 compensatory damages finding AO 70% responsible. The jury also found that American Optical acted intentionally and awarded today $10,000,000 in punitive damages.

Joe reportedly crossed the AO corporate representative for three days and uncovered that AO marked each respirator with a green dot, or a red dot. Green meant it was not deformed. Red meant it was. . . and then they put them all in the same boxes to go out to the working masses.

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