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Losing a Child: One Woman Shares Her Grief & Helps Others Cope

There is no grief like that experienced as a result of losing a child. For parents across the U.S., the idea of something happening to their child is unbearable, and for those who have lost a child in a tragic accident or illness, moving forward in life can feel impossible.

One woman, an RN at Kennedy University Hospital named Kimberly Brody-Muckenfuss, knows the grief of a mother losing her child firsthand – in November 2015, her 15-year-old son, Austin Edward Muckenfuss, was hit by a car in Glassboro. The driver involved in the car accident did not face any charges.

Grieving for a Lost Child

Ms. Brody-Muckenfuss recently opened up about the experience of losing a child and moving through the stages of grief with reporters for In the article, she explained that the stages of grief, at least as she experienced them, aren’t really step-by-step stages at all, but rather a rollercoaster where grief emotions are unpredictable. She said sometimes she still has days where getting out of bed feels challenging; some days are easier than others.

One thing that has helped her deal with her feelings after the loss of her son, she told reporters, is attending bereavement groups with other parents who have also lost children. The director of one such group, Patricia Madden, who runs a bereavement group out of Kennedy University Hospital, said that bereavement groups help those who have suffered significant loss realize that they are not alone in the world.

Helping Others Manage Grief

Touched and aided by her own experience in attending bereavement groups, Brody-Muckenfuss recently launched patient bereavement meetings at three separate campuses of the hospital for which she works. She facilitates the meetings, helping other parents who have experienced loss to tell their stories. Those who have lost a child and are interested in joining a bereavement group can reach Brody-Muckenfuss at [email protected], or by calling her at 609-519-3113.

Helping Parents after the Loss of a Child

In addition to attending bereavement groups and seeking counseling and professional mental health services after the loss of a child, if a child’s life was taken as a result of the negligence of another party, filing a wrongful death lawsuit can help you to seek closure. A wrongful death lawsuit may not only provide you with the sense of justice you need, but can also provide your family with financial compensation for your loss. A wrongful death lawsuit can also raise awareness about negligence or malpractice, and may serve as a way to protect others from future harm.

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