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Mesothelioma Legal News | by Mesothelioma Lawyer Chris Placitella

Chris Placitella discusses important news and cases concerning mesothelioma lawsuits. In this video blog Chris discusses recent verdicts and an important decision by a Pennsylvania Appellate Court.

Since this video was created a few additional cases came down which are worth mentioning.  The Second Circuit  granted the request of Crane Co. to keep an asbestos wrongful death suit in federal court, finding the federal contractor defense protects Crane from claims in state court because the company argues any asbestos warnings on its equipment were subject to U.S. Navy approval. A unanimous three-judge panel said a district court was incorrect to grant plaintiff Susan Cuomo’s request to remand the case to state court after Crane initially had it removed. The panel said that in finding Crane could not make a “colorable” bid for the federal contractor defense because it provided no evidence that the Navy prohibited or actively prescribed the content of any proposed asbestos labels, the district court exaggerated both the requirements of the federal contractor defense and the threshold for federal removal.

On a brighter note, my friends  Juan Bauta and JanPaul Portal of The Ferraro Law Firm obtained  a $5.6 million verdict against Florida Power and Light. more details to follow in the next report.

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