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$282,685 Mesothelioma Verdict in a Liability Case Involving Asbestos Exposure

Congratulations to attorneys, Nate Finch and James Ledlie of Motley Rice, along with Gary Kendall and Kyle McNew of Michie Hamlett.  They worked tirelessly on behalf of the family of James “Doug” Lokey, to obtain a $282,685 verdict in a liability case involving asbestos exposure.  According to the legal team, this recent mesothelioma verdict was achieved along with the legal assistance of Will Harty of Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein, L.C. who assisted with jurisdiction.

A liability verdict was issued late yesterday in Albemarle County, Virginia, against manufacturers Ford and Honeywell after jurors found that both companies exposed a former state trooper to asbestos which led him to contract the deadly lung disease mesothelioma at the age of 84.

Plaintiffs in this case were the family of James “Doug” Lokey, a former state trooper who died in 2007 from mesothelioma.   Mr. Lokey was exposed to asbestos from brakes in the 1966-74 time frame as a result of going into state inspection stations and watching mechanics do blowout on Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles. He also worked at the Norfolk Naval shipyard during World War II.

In the verdict, the six-member jury found that both Ford and Honeywell were negligent for failing to warn Mr. Lokey about the dangers of exposure to asbestos while at work.   According to the legal team who represented Mr. Lokey, “ there were no settlement offers by Ford or Honeywell at any time.”  Both companies held strong to deny their liability.

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