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Mesothelioma Victim Wins $90 Million Verdict in Illinois Asbestos Lawsuit

chair in courtroomCongratulations to Bloomington, Illinois attorneys James Wylder, Lisa Corwin, and Andrew Kelly for their verdicts totaling nearly $90 million and their work on behalf of contracted pipe fitter, Charles Gillenwater, 59, against four companies, Honeywell, Abex, Owens-Illinois, and John Crane. A McLean County jury awarded $90 million to Mr. Gillenwater against the four companies accused of exposing him to asbestos while working as a pipe fitter in the 1970s at several work sites, including Illinois State University, Bridgestone-Firestone and The Eureka Co., according to his lawyers, James Wylder and Andrew Kelly with Wylder Corwin Kelly of Bloomington.

The jury awarded compensatory damages of $9.6 million against defendants Honeywell International Inc., Pneumo Abex, Owens-Illinois Inc. and John Crane Inc. Punitive damages of $20 million were found against Honeywell, Peneumo Abex and $40 million against Owens-Illinois.

After a five week trial, the jury found that Honeywell, Pneumo Abex and Owens-Illinois suppressed or conspired with others to suppress information about the hazards of asbestos, including an agreement not to warn employees and customers about the dangers of the substance.

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