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Pending Mesothelioma Lawsuit: What Fisher Scientific Knew About The Dangers of Asbestos

Fisher Scientific sold asbestos containing products to schools, universities and businesses. As a result, Fisher Scientific has been named as a defendant in a number of asbestos related mesothelioma lawsuits. In a recent case, the corporate executive for Fisher Scientific was questioned under oath about when did Fisher know about the dangers of asbestos and when if at all did it warn its customers.

Similar questions were asked in 1977 by a group of seventh graders who were using Fisher Scientific products in science class. The responses in the opinion of this author are somewhat shocking. Rather than further characterize the explanations of Fisher I attach hereto a complete copy of the Fisher executive deposition as well as the letters written to Fisher by the children. We have also included Fisher’s responses.

You can read and decide if in your own opinion Fisher acted properly.  Click here to find out more about asbestos and mesothelioma.

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