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New Australian Study Predicts Mesothelioma Rates Will Not Peak Until 2014

According to a study just released the incidence of mesothelioma in that country may not peak until the year 2114. A similar study done by Dr. Nicholson from Mt Sinai once predicted the rate would peak in the Untied states this year. Those estimates probably need to be revisited. In my practice, i have seen more mesotheliomas in the last year than in my previous 25 years of practice representing people who have been stricken with this terrible disease. Fro us the cases hit home every time we get a new one as we lost our grandfather to mesothelioma. Some progress has been made with treatment but certainly not enough. The key to a fighting chance i early detection. which means that if you belive you have has significant asbestos exposure even as a wife washing asbestos laden clothing, you need to tell your doctor and insure you get regular check up

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