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New mesothelioma drug approved by the FDA

Even 10 years ago when someone was diagnosed with mesothelioma there was little hope and people were faced with very few choices. Today for people diagnosed early with the right cell type there is in fact some reason for hope for an extended life not imaginable just a few years ago.

One extraordinary success story is worth relating. Seven years I visited a family where the wife and mother was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Her husband was a boilermaker and brought asbestos home on his clothing. The Family was devastated by the news delivered at a local hospital indicating that the mother and wife had less than six months to live. When I met with the family and reviewed the medical records I recognized the cell type as epithelial mesothelioma stage one. We immediately made arrangements for the family to consult with a hospital expert in the treatment of mesothelioma. I am happy to report that this mother and now grandmother is still alive.

Clearly mesothelioma is a serious disease with a very poor prognosis. That being said, however, hope is important and new treatments are being explored every day. Below is a link to an article about a new cancer drug just approved which will hopefully save more lives and produce more success stories.{28c84991-ca90-4514-8d88-8df0db6073d3}/fda-grants-orphan-drug-designation-to-tremelimumab-for-malignant-mesothelioma

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