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Trenton Attorneys

Skilled, Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers at Cohen, Placitella & Roth Successfully Represent Clients in Trenton.

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With nearly 1,500 births in Trenton City in 2011, there is no doubt that some children born in Trenton will suffer birth injuries. It is nearly a statistical certainty.

Medical malpractice claims can arise from a number of sources, such as accidents, mistakes, instances where oversight was lacking, miscommunications and other sources. Trenton has a number of hospitals, emergency care facilities, and treatment centers, and it is more likely than not that some instances of medical malpractice will occur.

Early detection and treatment of mesothelioma improves the odds of survival. Do not put off going to the doctor because you believe you may not be able to afford the costs. If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, compensation may be available to help cover these and other costs associated with mesothelioma.

When you or a loved one has been injured in a Trenton personal injury incident, you may be entitled to compensation. Recovery of damages will depend on being able to show that the other party owed a legal duty to you to act in a reasonable manner, that other party instead acted carelessly, and, as […]

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