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In 2012 there were 420 births in Hazleton City. When it comes to birth injuries, the statistics are unfavorable. Some babies will be born with birth injuries and a number of factors can contribute to a baby’s level of risk. Babies born in Hazleton face these same risks.

Medical negligence and accidents when administering medical care can happen to anyone anywhere, even those residents seeking medical treatment in health centers and hospitals in Hazleton.

Up until approximately 40 years ago, asbestos was a popular material for home and building insulation and other uses. Construction workers and shipyard workers would routinely work with and around loose asbestos fibers.

The human body is resilient; however, a personal injury incident can result in a myriad of injuries. Some injuries may be minor and heal on their own, like surface abrasions and cuts. In many cases, however, the injuries are much more severe. Even where recovery is possible, it can take years for an injury victim’s life to return to “normal” – if it ever does.

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