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Medication Errors

One of the most serious forms of medical malpractice is a medication error that leaves a patient seriously harmed, or in the most tragic of cases, dead. Unfortunately, medication errors occur at an alarming rate, and can affect patients of all types, ages, and health conditions.

Examples of Prescription Drug Errors

There are myriad ways in which a medication error can occur, leaving a patient with injuries. These include:

  • Labeling errors – In some cases, a prescription drug may be improperly labeled, leading to the patient taking, or being administered, the drug by mistake.
  • Dosage errors – A healthcare professional may administer the patient the wrong dosage of medication based on an act of carelessness, or because the incorrect dosage amount was written on a patient’s chart.
  • Medication mix-ups – There are numerous medications that sound the same, but that are used to treat very different illnesses, and may be dangerous when combined with other medications. A small typo, or acting too quickly, could lead to a deadly mix up.
  • Dangerous drug interactions – In some cases, a healthcare professional may prescribe or administer a patient a drug that normally would be safe for a patient suffering from the same condition, but is not safe because the patient is suffering from another health condition, or is taking another medication, either of which could have deadly consequences of the patient.

Who Is Liable for a Medication Error?

While some medication errors may be minor and not leave a patient with any long-term harm, others can be devastating. When a medication error occurs, it is important to get to the bottom of why the error occurred, and who should be held liable for the mistake. Parties that may be held liable for a drug error include:

  • The doctor who prescribed the medication;
  • The nurse who administered the medication;
  • The hospital of which the doctor or nurse is employed; or
  • A pharmacist who filled the prescription.

In some cases, the manufacturer of a medication may be held liable if there was a manufacturing or labeling error.

You Have the Right to Damages

If you are the victim of a medication error in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, our law firm wants to reassure you that you have the right to recover compensation for your losses. To learn how our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help you file your claim and prove liability, contact us online or by phone today.

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