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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most serious and potentially deadly types of cancer, and exposure to asbestos is a leading contributing factor.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer and have previously lived or worked with or near asbestos, contact our experienced lung cancer attorneys right away. Depending on where you were exposed to asbestos and how long it occurred, we may be able to assist in getting you compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Lung Cancer Facts and Symptoms

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the U.S. and it is the leading cause of cancer death, killing over 155,000 people each year. More than 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer annually and while their prognosis is generally poor, there are treatments that can be effective if it is caught in the early stages. Symptoms to be aware of include:

  • A lingering cough or one that worsens over time;
  • Shortness of breath and chest pain that worsens when breathing, laughing, or coughing;
  • Coughing up blood or blood tinged phlegm;
  • Hoarseness and wheezing;
  • Feeling excessively tired or weak;
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss;
  • Chronic infections of bronchitis and pneumonia that do not go away or recur frequently.

If left unchecked, lung cancer can spread to other parts of the body, resulting in back pain, nervous system disorders, and yellowing of the skin or eyes. Once the disease has spread to other organs, the chances for survival are greatly reduced.

Asbestos and Lung Cancer

In addition to smoking and exposure to other known carcinogens, lung cancer can occur as the result of asbestos exposure. The National Cancer Institute advises that asbestos is a mineral that is made up of bundles of fibers, and it was commonly used in the construction of older homes and buildings.

While the use of asbestos is strongly regulated under both state and federal laws, it is still used in the manufacture of insulation, roofing, and fireproofing materials, as well as in automotive brake cylinders and pads and in the manufacture of plastics, tiles, paints, and adhesives. Employees who may be exposed to asbestos include:

  • Construction and demolition workers;
  • Shipyard workers;
  • Airplane and auto mechanics;
  • Electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, and welders;
  • HVAC mechanics and insulation removal workers;
  • Painters, bricklayers, and cement plant employees. .

The American Cancer Society states that lung cancer occurs as the result of breathing in or swallowing asbestos fibers, and can take as long as 15 years after exposure to develop. Family members of workers in the above fields may also be at risk, as the fibers can travel on hair, skin, and clothes.

How Our Lung Cancer Attorneys Can Help

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer, contact Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. today. Our lung cancer attorneys rely on our award winning legal expertise and investigative skills to uncover evidence showing your illness was the result of asbestos exposure. We can advise you on how to hold responsible parties accountable for your losses, and assist you in getting the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

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