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Treated at Worst Hospitals = 3 Times More Likely to Die

Patients Treated at the Worst Medical Institutions Are Three Times More Likely to Die

An article published this week in The New York Times highlights the fact that some hospitals perform better than others – an issue that has been discussed previously on this blog.

However, the problem extends beyond just quality of care issues; those who are treated at the nation’s worst hospitals are three times more likely to die than are those treated at the best, and 13 times more likely to suffer medical complications. The study, which is published in the multidisciplinary journal PLOS ONE, proves that if you go to the wrong hospital when you are in need of medical care, your chance of death is higher.

How the Study Collected Its Data

In order to come to the startling conclusion above, the study compared data from 22 million hospitals across the United States. These hospitals include private institutions, as well as those that accept Medicare. Then, researchers considered 24 different measures of medical outcomes, and then controlled for a variety of factors (such as intensity of health problem/level of sickness and age).

Things that affected a hospital’s performance in the study ranged from the income and wellbeing of patients to the skill set of doctors and hospital culture.

Do We Know Which Hospitals Are the Worst?

Unfortunately for patients throughout the country, the researchers did not reveal at which hospitals patients are more likely to die or suffer an adverse event – this was part of the terms of the agreement that allowed the researchers to collect data for the study in the first place. This means that a patient in Philadelphia has no way of knowing whether they will receive better care following, for example, a stroke, at a hospital a mile from their house, or if they are better off traveling five miles for care.

While this study may not have provided any insight about where you should go when a health emergency strikes, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has previously rated hospitals across the country using a number of criteria, including patient outcome. You can search for hospitals online at, and compare the ratings of hospitals in your area. It is a good idea to use the tool now – before you are even in need of care – to determine where you should go if emergency strikes. Share this information with your loved ones.

At the law offices of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C., we believe that patients should have full access to information about hospital performance, and that performance and outcomes should be transparent.

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