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Recommended Daily Alcohol Limit Decreased

Health chiefs of the government of Britain have recently issued a new recommendation in terms of the amount of alcohol that Britons should be drinking per week. Contrary to the popular and long-held belief that “a drink a day keeps the doctor away” – or at least reduces the risk of heart disease – the tough new guidelines suggest that Britons should reduce alcohol consumption to no more than 14 units of alcohol per week. According to an article published in The New York Times, that amount is equivalent to six pints of beer, seven glasses of wine, or a half bottle of whiskey.

Why the Change?

The new recommendation was issued by Britain’s governmental health chiefs in light of evidence that drinking more than the recommended amount may be associated with an increased risk of health hazards, including an increased risk of developing cancer. Further, the medical chiefs suggest that the new recommended amount be spread over a few days’ time, rather than consumed in a single setting to reduce long-term injuries and alcohol-related accidents and injuries (such as fall injuries or drunk driving accidents).

When Alcohol Consumption Gets Out of Control

The strict new guidelines were imposed only a few days’ time after a New Year’s celebration in Manchester ended chaotically thanks to excessive drinking. The photograph, supplied by The Guardian, shows more than one drunken person on the street (one of whom is either being arrested or offered medical care by police), and one of whom is still clutching his beer while his belly hangs out. Some social groups have applauded the new guidelines (perhaps, in part, due to this photograph).

Other groups, however, have balked at the new requirement. Christopher Snowden, who is the head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, told reporters from the Times (cited above) that, “Alcohol consumption has been falling for a decade. The change to the guidelines will turn hundreds of thousands of people into hazardous drinkers overnight…”

Injuries Caused By Intoxication – Who Is Liable?

At least one thing is for sure: alcohol consumption can lead to dangerous, reckless, and negligent behavior. In turn, accidents and injuries are not uncommon. When an accident is caused by the actions of a person who is intoxicated, who is liable?

The answer is that it depends. In the U.S., many states have dram shop or social host liability laws on the books, which means that not only is the person who committed the wrongful act (the drunk person) liable for their actions, but the person who served the drunk alcohol may also be partially to blame, too.

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