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Study Shows that Hispanic Children Are More Likely to Lack Health Insurance

In 2014, the rate of Hispanic children who were not covered by health insurance fell to an all-time low. However, a newly published study by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s Center for Children and Families, reveals that the Hispanic population still represents one of the largest portions of America’s uninsured youth. This lack of insurance is not only dangerous for the health of youths across the country, but can also play a role in personal injury recovery.

Percentages of Uninsured Populations

The new study reveals that between 2013 and 2014, after the implementation of Obamacare, around 300,000 Hispanic children gained insurance, dropping the uninsured rate for that group to 9.7 percent. Researchers attribute the change to the new healthcare laws which gave more adults with children access to insurance. For instance, states that extended Medicaid to those with low incomes cut the number of uninsured youths in half. Unfortunately, despite general advances, Hispanic children still make up 39.5 percent of the country’s uninsured population of children.

Health Insurance and Personal Injury

Those without insurance face additional hurdles to obtaining compensation for injuries sustained in an accident. While medical costs and lost wages may be awarded at the conclusion of a lawsuit or settlement, these proceedings may take months to conclude and there are medical costs that need to be paid immediately. Even if another person was 100 percent at-fault, he or she is not required by law to pay the injured party’s medical bills as they are being accrued. Fortunately, there are other methods of obtaining funds to intermediately cover the costs of injury if the injured party does not have insurance.

Medicaid, a federal health insurance program, may provide health insurance through a state agency. A party injured in an accident may be eligible to receive this type of insurance, which will cover future medical bills related to the accident.

In many instances, medical professionals who treat accident victims without insurance will agree to a payment arrangement so that the injured party can still receive medical care. In these types of situations, doctors agree to treat a patient in exchange for a promise that he or she will eventually pay the bills from the funds obtained through settlement or judgment. If the victim agrees, then he or she must sign a personal injury lien, which is a binding contract requiring the patient’s lawyer to pay the doctor before the client receives any part of the settlement.

There are multiple legal methods of obtaining compensation for individuals who do not have insurance, but who have sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Whether an injured party chooses to pursue a lawsuit or settlement, seeks payment through Medicaid, or comes to an agreement with a physician, a lawyer’s advice is necessary to ensuring that victims’ rights are defended.

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