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Talc-based Powders Significantly Increase Risk of Cancer

Every day for 30 years, Deane Berg applied Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder to her legs. And so when she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer at the young age of 49 – without any of the common risk factors like infertility or endometriosis – her use of the talc-based powder was deemed the likely culprit. As such, she became one of the first women – later to be followed by thousands more – to follow a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, as reported by The New York Times.

The Link Between Talc-based Powders and Ovarian Cancer

The connection between the frequent and consistent use of talc-containing powders, like Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, and ovarian cancer is clear; dating as far back as 1982, a Harvard study found that when compared with non-talcum powder users, women who used talcum powder in their sanitary pads and around their genitals had a relative risk of developing ovarian cancer that was three times greater. Women who merely used talcum powder (not necessarily in sanitary pads or genitals) were at nearly twice the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

And more recent studies demonstrate the same thing – that using talcum powder increases a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer. The same New York Times’ article cited above reads that when researchers combined the results of similar studies, involving more than a collective 20,000 women, they found that using talcum powders increased a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer by 24 percent.

Johnson & Johnson’s Negligence

The fact that the data is clear – talc-based powders do increase the risk of, and may even directly cause, ovarian cancer – and that Johnson & Johnson continued to manufacture and market its talcum powders despite known risks is a clear act of negligence. Manufacturers have a clear duty to the consumer to manufacture products that are safe for use, and to provide comprehensive and comprehensible warnings if products do have associated risks. Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson failed to do either, putting thousands of women at risk of developing aggressive and life-threatening ovarian cancer.

What to Do If You Have Been Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer is a terrifying experience. And if you have no family history of cancer, nor any of the risk factors listed above, you likely have fears and questions about what caused your cancer. If you used Baby Powder or Shower to Shower consistently for many years of your life, especially if you applied the powder directly to your genitals or underwear, you may have a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. A free case consultation with an experienced Pennsylvania or New Jersey product liability attorney can answer any questions that you may have, and is the first step towards recovering damages.

Our Attorneys Want to Represent You

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