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Thanksgiving Newsletter

You should know…

Holiday parties can create a legal hangover if guests are injured or injure someone else. But what most party hosts don’t know is that they may be legally on the hook if an accident should occur. From your great aunt Edna breaking her hip on an icy sidewalk to your brother-in-law Jerry drinking too much champagne and causing a crash on the drive home, you should know how to protect your guests and yourself before hosting a party this holiday season. Read More

Safe Party Guide for Your Holiday Festivities

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A little common sense and advanced planning can protect your holiday guests from drinking too much and injuring themselves or others. View this video…

Significant Numbers

38% Drunk

On average, alcohol was a factor in 38 percent of all fatal road crashes during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays from 2009 to 2013. Thanksgiving topped the list, averaging 412 deaths per year.

6,000 Lives

Falls are the leading cause of home injury deaths, claiming nearly 6,000 lives per year. In 2010 alone, more than 660,000 adults were hospitalized due to a fall.

$100 Grand

The standard minimum of $100,000 in homeowner’s liability insurance may fall short if someone is injured in your home, making you responsible for the balance. Insurance experts recommend increasing this amount.

Tools for Meeting Life’s Challenges Sixth Annual Seminar

The sixth annual seminar was held on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #19 Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Families with special needs members were treated to an intimate atmosphere of informative speakers and resource representatives who were available to answer questions and assist the disabled.

“Every caregiver and parent here today should leave with the message not to give up and that they are not alone,” said Joseph Scullin, director of social services for Tools for Meeting Life’s Challenges which has a website – – that provides a road map for dealing with the health-care system.

Stewart L. Cohen, a lawyer with Cohen, Placitella & Roth of Philadelphia, said there were a “number of excellent resources available to provide information to assist and advocate for the disabled.”

“Don’t only rely on what you are told by the government and service providers,” Cohen said. Learn more…

Support the Movember Foundation to Improve Men’s Health

“My motivation is to use the power of the moustache to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.” Harry Roth

CPR’s Joel Rosen, Silvio Trentalange and Harry Roth are all (well Silvio is for sure) growing mustaches. A global charity started in 2003; the Movember Foundation was founded to raise awareness and funding for issues related to mens’ health. By taking over the month formerly known as November, the foundation has raised over $650 million which has provided funding for over 1000 programs focusing on prevention and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer and improving poor mental health and physical inactivity. You can support Harry Roth by contributing at:; Joel Rosen:; Silvio Trentalange:


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