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The Clock is Ticking; Beware of Statutes of Limitations for Filing Lawsuits in NJ

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, perhaps you sustained a concussion in a car accident, a broken hip in a slip and fall, or have been the victim of medical malpractice, the clock is ticking on your right to sue. All crimes have statutes of limitations in the State of New Jersey (and most other states, as well). This means there is a set time on how long you have to file a law suit against the parties you believe caused your injuries.

The time period usually starts from the day of the accident or commission of crime. Or, in the case of medical negligence, from the day of diagnosis. Once the time period has run out, you can no longer file a lawsuit to claim damages. This can be particularly disheartening if you find out injuries sustained in an accident haven’t made themselves known until it’s too late.

The statutes of limitations in NJ vary from situation to situation in both civil claims and crimes. For example, you have two years to file a lawsuit for personal injury, medical malpractice and product liability issues However, you have six years in NJ to file a lawsuit accusing someone of committing fraud, trespassing or property damage. Also, laws are constantly changing.

Contact a knowledgeable attorney right away if you believe you have been injured due to someone else’s mistake or negligent behavior. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Cohen, Placitella and Roth have been helping NJ residents hold negligent parties accountable for their mistakes for many years. Call today for a free consultation about your case.

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