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This week’s asbestos news

Insurance Companies in United Kingdom Avoid Paying Compensation to Victims of Mesothelioma
Insurance companies in the United Kingdom are using a loophole in the law to avoid compensating victims of mesothelioma and plural plaques caused by asbestos. According to the article, if sufferers do not file a complaint with the court within three years of being diagnosed, they are not eligible to make a compensation claim. Retired shipbuilder Ian Hamilton stated, “the insurance companies don’t care about people, they will use any trick in the book to avoid paying out.” John Ferguson, Daily Record – UK 06/29/2012
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New Mexico Business Owners Charged for Negligently Handling Asbestos
Owners of Advantage Asphalt and Seal Coating in Santa Fe, N.M., were fined more than $800,000 for carelessly handling asbestos during a renovation in Bloomfield, N.M. According to the article, the Environmental Department settled the debt with the business owners on Monday, making them pay “$75,000 in civil penalties and surrender its commercial hauler certificate, which will prevent the firm from hauling asbestos or any solid waste in the future.” Phaedra Haywood, Santa Fe New Mexican 07/02/2012
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