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Asbestos Cases Won Against GM&O and Illinois Central Railroad

Early this week major verdicts were passed down against GM&O and the Illinois Central Railroad regarding two separate asbestos trials. The first verdict was returned in favor of Jim Smith, an asbestos patient that is in the end stage. Mr. Smith and his wife were awarded upwards of $1,371,184. The second verdict passed down was in favor of John Nafziger, who had contracted lung cancer from past repeated exposure to asbestos and subsequently passed away. The verdict awarded his children $768,293.96. This verdict, being noticeably smaller than the first, was reduced due to the jury finding 50% contributory negligence because Mr. Nafziger had been a long-time smoker. These two verdicts are big wins in an ongoing battle against the railroad and their past negligence for exposing their employees to the dangers of asbestos inhalation. We would like to congratulate Jim Wylder and Lisa Corwin on their wins in these two cases and for helping their clients and families receive the compensation they deserve.

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