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Virginia jury awards $6 million against John Crane and Garlock in asbestos case

courthouse with Law and Justice inscribedTwo veteran asbestos litigators Robert Hatten  and Joseph Satterly  prevailed  in their  continuing battle with asbestos gasket companies  John Crane and Garlock.  For Mr. Hatten  this is the sixth victory in a row against John Crane. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff against John Crane and Garlock for $5,977,482 — 50% each.  The jury awarded $2 million for the plaintiff’s pain and suffering.   $1,150,000 for the widow’s loss of consortium.  $2,500,0000 was stipulated in future lost wages.  $319,650 was stipulated to for medical bills.  $7,832 was agreed to as funeral expenses.

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