Amazon Cyanide Case: Justice for a Grieving Mother

February 2, 2017


University of Pennsylvania student Arya Singh, committed suicide in February 2013. Her mother Sujata Singh, filed a lawsuit against Amazon and the University of Pennsylvania 2 years later. The lawsuit states that Arya was sexually assaulted as a freshman, and after reporting the assault the university allowed the assaulter to remain living in the same dormitory and was not punished by the school. On Feb. 8, 2013 Sing was told to vacate the campus, as her grades had plummeted in the months following the assault. Hours later she killed herself by ingesting cyanide crystals allegedly obtained from a Thai company on Amazon.

Sujata Singh is suing Amazon for failing to keep the Thai company for making the sale after Amazon made the sale of cyanide against policy. Reports state that a lest 51 cyanide products sold by Amazon resulted in 11 deaths. Singh includes negligence in her allegations against Amazon.

Case Results

Singh and Amazon reached a settlement that ended the lawsuit. The details of the settlement are sealed and confidential. The settlement was achieved after a mediation session with former U.S. Magistrate Judge Diane Welsh.