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Defective and dangerous consumer products cause serious and disabling injuries and deaths each year in the U.S.

If your injuries are attributable to a consumer product that does not work how it is supposed to, you need a team of experienced product liability lawyers with the knowledge and experience necessary to bring your case to justice. The team of experienced product liability attorneys at Cohen, Placitella & Roth is ready to fight for you.

We help our clients get the justice they deserve with our aggressive representation and have a demonstrated track record of obtaining successful results for our clients. We have made a commitment to you and will do whatever it takes to build a strong case supporting your position.


Investigating Product Liability Cases Requires Expertise, Experience and Resources

Looking into the root cause of a product liability claim requires a substantial amount of time and resources. The investigating attorney must have knowledge of product liability and personal injury law and the wherewithal to conduct a thorough investigation into your case. The product that caused your injury will need to be identified, examined and compared to other products of the same type, make and model. The type of product liability claim will need to be clearly identified, i.e., defective product, defective design, or inadequate warning or instructions for use, and a strong case will need to be built around the facts. We have the finances to conduct a thorough investigation of your case and will put up a fight for your rights.

With many product liability cases, there is a heavy reliance on the opinions of experts as to whether a specific, single product is defective, whether the whole line of products is inherently unsafe by design, or whether the product should have had warning labels or instructions on the product in order to enhance safety. The professionals at Cohen, Placitella & Roth have access to a unique network of experts, scientists and engineers that are leaders in their fields for consultation and who make for excellent witnesses in product liability cases.

Various tests will need to be conducted by qualified professionals on the product that caused your injuries. If the product was destroyed or damaged as a result of its use that caused your injuries, testing will need to be done on the remains of the product. Failure analysis will need to be performed to identify the exact fault in the product that caused the injury, and engineers and designers will need to be consulted as to whether an alternative design would have been a safer option.

All of the test results, expert witness testimony, your various medical records related to the injury and any evidence of other damage that was sustained as a result of the defective product (for example, property damage occurred when a defective product caught fire) will need to be prepared as evidence for your product liability case.

Common Causes of Product Liability Injuries

Product liability claims stem from instances where a person uses a product in a normal way, but somehow sustains a personal injury resulting from use of the product. A wide range of different product types can be the source of a product liability claim, from electric blankets, to pharmaceutical drugs, to automobiles. There are three main categories into which product liability cases breakdown into:

  • Defectively Manufactured Products

    Injuries are caused by defectively manufactured products when the product is flawed in some way because of an error in the process of making the product, thereby making the defective product different from others on the shelf or in the same line of products.

  • Defectively Designed Products

    The design of a product may be inherently dangerous or defective. Products with a defective design are made correctly, i.e., according to their specifications, and so the defective design can be found in any and all of the products in the line.

  • Inadequate Warning or Instructions On A Product

    Injuries can result if a product is inadequately labeled with warnings or instructions for use. Generally, the product is dangerous in a non-obvious way and requires undisclosed precautions or diligence when using the product.

Product Liability Facts

  • 56%

    of consumer product-related injuries are sustained by men in the U.S.

  • about 40%

    of consumer product injuries are sustained by children and teens

  • about 16%

    of consumer product injuries are sustained by babies and toddlers

  • top 5

    common injuries are to the head, fingers, face, lower trunk, and ankle

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Product Liability Case Results

Our team of product liability attorneys has achieved life-altering settlements in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond. Contact our law firm today to get a free case evaluation.

  • Our CP&R lawyer and his colleagues treated me with the most patience and professionalism I’ve ever had at a time when I needed help. They were like pit bulls, sinking their teeth into my case and didn’t let go until they got me the settlement I was praying for. They fought for me!

    Kimberly R.
  • They are willing to understand. Not hurrying you through, they took the time needed. They were wonderful. I don’t know what we would have done without them. 

    Sarah J.
  • Their team maintained a consistent level of detailed communication with us during the entire process, leading to a favorable outcome, performed during the mediation process, allowing us to avoid a costly and time-consuming jury trial.

    Kody Z.

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