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Our class action lawyers represent groups suffering from similar or related personal injuries. Serving Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, and nationwide cases.

Our Class Action Lawyers Get the Results You Deserve

If you are part of a group of people who suffered similar injuries or related losses, a class action lawsuit may be the best way to leverage those claims and pursue a fair outcome. Keep in mind that federal and state courts have unique procedures that govern these cases — and a judge must allow the lawsuit to proceed as a class action and determine whether the plaintiff and the attorneys are qualified to represent the class.

CPR’s trial lawyers have five decades of experience in developing the merits of new claims and a history of proven leadership in class action litigation. We have obtained numerous multi-million dollar recoveries in complex class action litigation cases involving securities, shareholder derivative, antitrust, consumer, and pharmaceutical fraud.


  • They are willing to understand. Not hurrying you through, they took the time needed. They were wonderful. I don’t know what we would have done without them. 

    Sarah J.
  • Our CP&R lawyer and his colleagues treated me with the most patience and professionalism I’ve ever had at a time when I needed help. They were like pit bulls, sinking their teeth into my case and didn’t let go until they got me the settlement I was praying for. They fought for me!

    Kimberly R.
  • I researched and filled out a short form online, CP&R came up on my list, and I contacted them first and last. I live across the country; I took a gamble because I had nothing to lose. Later I found it was the right decision. 

    Isaac R.

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Contact us for a free evaluation of your class action case. Our class action attorneys achieve historic outcomes for cases in Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, and nationally.

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