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Breast Cancer Failed Diagnosis

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer that American women develop, excluding skin cancers. The cancer is so common that, according to the American Cancer Society, about 252,700 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed every year. While breast cancer is very treatable when it is diagnosed at it’s earliest stage – and has a nearly 100 percent five-year survival rate – the longer that cancer goes undiagnosed, the harder it is to combat.

Are You the Victim of a Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis?

If you’re like most women in America, you heed your duty to pay your doctor a visit every year for your annual mammography. However, even if you get a mammography and breast examination on a regular basis, your doctor may fail to diagnose your breast cancer, leading to its proliferation. Breast cancer may be misdiagnosed because of a:

  • False-negative mammogram;
  • Doctor’s misinterpretation of mammography results;
  • Doctor’s failure to refer the patient to a specialist; and
  • Doctor’s failure to follow up with patient when mammogram results indicate an abnormality.

In some cases, a misdiagnosis may occur because the doctor mistakenly diagnoses the patient with a different condition, the symptoms of which mimic the symptoms of breast cancer. For example, swelling of the breasts or unusual discharge may be diagnosed as an infection or allergic reaction, and follow up tests to rule out breast cancer may not be ordered.

Why Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Is So Important

The failure of a doctor to diagnose breast cancer can have huge implications for the patient. Breast cancer that may have easily been ended with removal of the source of cancer may spread throughout the breast and surrounding tissue. This not only means that the patient’s chances of survival are lowered, but that the patient may need to go more intensive cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The side effects from these therapy types are very unpleasant, and can quickly diminish the patient’s quality of life.

Your Right to File a Breast Cancer Failure to Diagnose Malpractice Suit

Your doctor has an ethical and legal obligation to treat you following the same standard of care that another doctor in the same position would exercise. This means that your doctor is expected to correctly interpret your mammogram results, refer you to a specialist if reasonable, and order follow up tests if need be. If your doctor’s failure to take the proper actions to diagnose your cancer leads to cancer growth and harm, you have the right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for that harm.

Our Philadelphia Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney Are Here to Help

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