The Importance of Gratitude

By: Stewart L. Cohen, Chris M. Placitella, Harry M. Roth, and James P. Goslee

Nov 22, 2023

In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, our team recently gathered to celebrate a Thanksgiving lunch in the spirit of gratitude and unity.

For centuries, people of different faiths and nationalities have offered special days of thanksgiving after harvests and at other times of year. And while a wonderful day of family, food, and football for many of us, the Thanksgiving holiday also offers us the opportunity to pause and take a minute to reflect on those things for which we are grateful. We know that for those dealing with illness, loss, disability, financial hardship and resulting uncertainty, feeling gratitude during this time of year can be challenging.

For over 50 years the lawyers and staff at CPR have represented individuals and families going through the most difficult of times; dealing with unexpected changes in circumstances of the kind that happen to other people. We are grateful for every opportunity to fight for and support our clients and their families. It reminds us, too, that life’s difficulties can help us sharpen our view of what is truly important in life and to not take those things for granted. In those hardest times, we learn just how quickly those things we value can be taken from us and so, reinforcing the importance of never taking them for granted.

Reflecting on positives, particularly when struggling, can be helpful. And to be clear, being grateful for those things we value does not mean denying the hardships and difficulties that exist. But making the effort to be grateful for those things we value, even in hard, uncertain times, provides resilience and strength. Even if for a brief time, cataloging those good things that we experience can offer relief from our grief and struggle. Gratitude during the worst of times reminds us too that pain and relief, sorrow and joy, loss and love, good and bad can exist at the same time.

We have been repeatedly reminded by our clients of the importance of gratitude. We have represented people who in their most challenging times have learned, and are grateful for their resilience, the survival of a gravely injured loved one, the progress made through hours of rehabilitation and treatment and their ability to overcome and adapt to wholly unexpected life changes. In addition to providing financial resources to help those harmed through no fault of their own, we at CPR are grateful for the life lessons our clients and their families teach us every single day.

All of us at CPR wish you a happy holiday and hope, no matter your circumstance, that you take stock of those things for which you are grateful.