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Personal Injury Fact Sheet: Accidents and Injuries in the United States

According to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 31 million Americans head to emergency rooms across the country on an annual basis to seek treatment for injuries sustained in accidents. Some facts involving unintentional injuries include:

  • Unintentional injuries caused 130,557 deaths in 2013 and were the fourth most common cause of death in the U.S.
  • More than 2 million individuals suffer injuries and 33,000 lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents on an annual basis.
  • Nearly 9 million people visit emergency departments due to unintentional injuries sustained in slips, trips, and falls.
  • Approximately 450,000 people receive medical treatment for burns each year, which leads to about 40,000 extended hospitalizations and 3,400 deaths.
  • Additional causes of unintentional injuries include bicycle or pedestrian accidents, dog bites, defective or dangerous products, dangerous property conditions, and more.

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Personal Injury Incidents

Over 12,000 individuals live in Red Bank, New Jersey, many of whom will experience an unintentional accident or injury in coming months. Many of these injuries may lead victims into the courts in Red Bank to seek proper and just compensation for their injuries from the responsible party.

Common Types of Personal Injuries

While almost any type of injury may be possible in an accident, the following are some examples of the most common unintentional injuries suffered by people in Red Bank:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

TBI occurs when a trauma damages the brain tissue, causing many physical and cognitive difficulties in victims.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI)

Victims that have suffered an SCI may lose strength or sensation in the limbs, or perhaps may suffer complete paralysis.

Other soft tissue damage

This includes any type of injury to the ligament, tendons, or muscles and may include strains, tears, sprains, and other painful injuries that require extensive rehabilitation.

Broken or fractured bones

Though broken bones often heal relatively easily, some bones may have compound fractures or may even completely shatter, requiring surgery or other procedures to repair the bone.


Accident victims may suffer anywhere from first degree to third degree burns from a variety of accidents. The necessary treatments and prognosis for burn victims varies widely based on the severity of the burn.

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Anyone who has suffered an unintentional injury in Red Bank, New Jersey should visit an emergency room or a doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis. Once your medical needs are attended to, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the law office of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C.

No matter what the cause of your unintentional injury may be, contact Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. to handle your personal injury case as soon as possible and to discuss your options.

Investigating Personal Injury Cases Requires Resources

Personal injury cases are not always straightforward, as identifying and proving negligence can be complicated. Personal injury cases often require extensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury. First, you must determine what party should be held liable for your injuries, and such parties may be business owners, drivers, manufacturers, trucking companies, government entities, or others. Sometimes, more than one party may have contributed to causing the accident and your injuries, in which case you can include any negligent party in your claim. Once you identify the responsible party or parties, you must then gather and present evidence that the party was negligent. A showing of negligence requires that you prove the party had a particular duty of care, that the party breached that duty, and that you suffered injury as a result. You should always have an attorney handling your case who understands how to adequately investigate your case to prove negligence, as well as one who has the resources to do so.

Many different people may be required to sufficiently investigate your accident, and the necessary investigation will be different for every case. People who can help to prove your injuries and the other party’s negligence include witnesses to the accident, property owners who may have video surveillance of the accident, any medical professionals that evaluated you or provided treatment for your injuries, accident reconstruction specialists, law enforcement officers who reported to the scene of the accident, and more.


In addition to people who assist with the investigation phase of your case, your attorney will also have to gather physical evidence of your injuries and of the actions of the other party. There are many different types of evidence that may be used in personal injury cases, including police reports, photos of the scene, medical bills and records, time sheets or pay statements, and more. All evidence must be properly handled and presented to the court so that it is reliable, persuasive, and admissible. Some evidence may be presented through witness testimony.

At the law firm of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C., the attorneys have the knowledge and resources necessary to collect evidence and fully investigate your claim. We develop aggressive case strategies in order to obtain the maximum compensation for you. Call our office today for a free consultation.


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