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Fact Sheet About Personal Injury

According to statistics maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Injury and violence were the leading causes of death in 2013 among people aged 1 to 44 – 59% of all deaths in this age group occurred as the result of injury or violence.

  • Injury and violence were the leading causes of death in 2013 among people aged 1 to 44 – 59% of all deaths in this age group occurred as the result of injury or violence.
  • In 2013, a death from an injury occurred once every 3 minutes.
  • Injury and violence resulted in over $406 billion in medical care and lost productivity in 2013.
  • There were approximately 31 million emergency room visits for injury in 2013.

A personal injury lawsuit can be used to help victims of injury incidents recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, mental or emotional suffering, and other losses. In order to be successful, the incident must have been caused by the careless actions of another and these careless actions must have caused or contributed to your injuries.

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Personal Injury Incidents

When you or a loved one has been injured in a Trenton personal injury incident, you may be entitled to compensation. Recovery of damages will depend on being able to show that the other party owed a legal duty to you to act in a reasonable manner, that other party instead acted carelessly, and, as a result, you were injured.

Common Types of Personal Injury Incidents

Unfortunately, there are a variety of situations in which you can be injured. While your age, medical history and current condition will all play a role in the severity of your injuries, certain personal injury incidents will generally result in particular injuries. For example:


Car and truck crashes generally result in broken bones, disfigurement, scarring, and spinal cord/neck injuries. A collision with a large truck or a high speed collision can even produce fatal injuries.


Defective or dangerous products can produce a wide variety of injuries depending on the nature of the defect. Injuries can include cuts and lacerations, burns, electrocution, and/or disfigurement.


Medical malpractice, like errors during birth, can cause lifelong injuries and disabilities to both the child and the mother. Failures to diagnose or adequately treat a disease or disorder can result in a shortened lifespan.


Slip and fall/trip and fall incidents can result in broken bones and bruising. Depending on the surface and the condition of the victim, injuries to the spinal cord, neck, and/or brain can also occur.

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While a personal injury lawsuit cannot prevent individuals from acting carelessly, a lawsuit can provide monetary damages to compensate you for the injuries such conduct causes. Contact Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. at 888-818-2562 to for a free consultation.

Investigating Personal Injuries Requires Resources

Most people do not realize the amount of time and effort that goes into the preparation of a personal injury case before anything is ever filed in court. Experienced personal injury attorneys routinely conduct in-depth investigations into personal injury cases early. This not only assists attorneys and clients in making sure they can prove their claims in court, but a thorough investigation is likely to uncover information that is unhelpful or damaging to the claim. This “unhelpful” information can help an injury victim and his or her attorney anticipate the defendant’s arguments.

An investigation into your case usually begins with identifying and interviewing individuals who may have information about your case. This can include eyewitnesses who saw the incident occur. Where there are no eyewitnesses, experts such as doctors, engineers, mechanics, and others can analyze the evidence of your incident and “reconstruct” what happened. While it is rare for any expert witness to be able to say what happened with 100% certainty, many of these professionals are able to state what likely occurred and what is not probable.


Evidence in the forms of expert witnesses, medical reports, photographs, and other such “hard evidence” is often needed to support eyewitness testimony. For instance, while an eyewitness’s description of the intersection where your car crash occurred may be persuasive, that witness’s credibility is bolstered (or his or her memory refreshed) when a photograph of that intersection is shown. Collecting evidence is not as straightforward as it may sound – without certain precautions, some important evidence like surveillance videos, e-mails, and cellular phone data can be irretrievably lost.

If you or your attorney does not know what evidence is necessary to prove your claim, or you do not know how to go about collecting important testimony and evidence, you can spend precious time and resources and still fail to collect and preserve that evidence and testimony necessary to prove your claim. That is why it is essential to retain experienced personal injury counsel. Our dedicated Trenton personal injury attorneys know what evidence and witnesses are necessary for you to prevail in your case. Contact us at 888-818-2562 for a free consultation today to discuss your case.


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