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Fact Sheet about Birth Injuries: Birth Injuries Hurt Families

Birth Injury Guide, an online birth injury advocacy group, offers information and support for families that have been affected by a birth injury. The website provides useful information related to birth injuries statistics, including:

  • Birth injuries are statistically more likely to occur in public hospital settings, and are more frequently occurring in rural hospitals and medical centers compared to urban and suburban hospitals and medical centers.
  • Birth injuries are more common in boys than girls.
  • Unfortunately, there are approximately 6-8 babies that suffer a birth injury per every 1,000 babies born in the United States each year. To say this another way, 1 out of every 9,700 babies will suffer a birth injury.

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Birth Injury Incidents

While the statistics may not seem overly alarming, a baby born in Chester could suffer injuries during birth. Injuries can occur during pregnancy, during the birth, or during post-birth care and can be experienced by either the baby, the mother, or both.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

There are a number of different types of birth injuries that can occur during pregnancy and birth. A few of the more common types of birth injuries include:

Infant Brain Injuries

Infants can suffer brain injuries when the brain is deprived of oxygenated blood during the birth. Sometimes the umbilical cord can become stuck or compressed, thereby limiting blood flow to the baby.

Spinal Cord and Brachial Plexus Injuries

Spinal cord injuries and injuries to the brachial plexus nerves, which are located in the neck and shoulder, can occur during a difficult birth due to trauma to the spinal cord by pulling too hard on the baby’s neck and head.

Cerebral Palsy

One of the more common brain injuries suffered by babies is cerebral palsy, which impairs mobility and dexterity Cerebral palsy can be caused by a lack of oxygen supplied to the brain, head trauma, or meningitis.

Broken and/or Fractured Bones

Delivery can be physically strenuous on a baby’s body, and sometimes the baby’s delicate skeleton can’t handle the large amounts of force experienced during birth. The baby could suffer broken or fractured bones during the birth process.

Vacuum Extraction Complications

Vacuum extraction tools can be used on a baby’s head to pull the baby out of the mother during a difficult birth. If executed improperly, vacuum extraction can cause damage to a baby’s head, such as scalp trauma, brain bleeds and other injuries that could cause cerebral palsy.

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Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC. has been working with Chester birth injury clients for more than 40 years to get them the financial compensation they deserve when medical staff acts negligently or provides inadequate care during childbirth. The team of birth injury attorneys at Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC is ready and available to help you build your birth injury case.

Investigating Birth Injuries Requires Resources

If you or your child has been a victim of a birth injury that is attributable to the negligence or medical malpractice of a doctor or other health care provider, your claims will need to be fully investigated in order to build a strong case against those who harmed you and your family. You will need a team of experienced and knowledgeable Chester birth injury attorneys with the financial resources it takes to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of your birth injuries. The Chester birth injury lawyers at Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC have what it takes to help you.

A thorough investigation requires consulting with new doctors and medical professionals about your injuries. This can include obtaining diagnostic testing, scans and analysis for any injuries you or your baby may have suffered during pregnancy and birth. Your lawyers will need to conduct interviews with any potential witnesses, the doctor if possible, and the hospital administrators, to document and record their testimony about the incident and what is proper hospital protocol and whether the medical professional who caused your harm followed protocol properly. It is important to assess whether the birth injury could have been avoided or prevented if the doctor, nurse or other medical care provider had followed proper treatment procedures.


All of the available medical evidence about the birth injury will need to be collected. This includes procuring copies of medical records detailing the pregnancy and birth, as well as medical records obtained after the birth injury for diagnosing the injury and treatment, if applicable. Having this information will help identify the probable source of the birth injury. Any other medical records should be collected as well, for example, test results, scans, ultrasounds, and blood work. If the source of the birth injury is rooted in medical malpractice, our team of investigating attorneys will fully review the proper protocol and will identify where and how the doctor, nurse or other medical staff deviated from the protocol.

Babies are born in Chester everyday, and at some point it is likely that a birth injury will affect a baby or a mother. We know what it takes to properly investigate your birth injury case at Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC. We have the resources, network of trusted medical experts, and over 40 years of experience handling Chester birth injury cases. Put our team to work for you.


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