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Fact Sheet About Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare but deadly form of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there are approximately 3,000 new cases diagnosed each year. The following include some other statistics about mesothelioma:

  • Asbestos occurs naturally as bundles of fibers, which are found in soil and rocks around the world.
  • Mesothelioma takes a long time to develop – 20 to 50 years can pass from a person’s first exposure to asbestos until the date of diagnosis.
  • Unlike other cancers caused by exposure to harmful toxins, the risk of developing mesothelioma doesn’t seem to decrease once exposure to asbestos is eliminated.
  • Men are more at risk of developing mesothelioma than women, and it is rare for a person under age 45 to be diagnosed; in 2 out of 3 cases, the patient is diagnosed at age 65 or older.

Mesothelioma Attorneys

Rachel A. Placitella

Rachel A. Placitella

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Christopher M. Placitella

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Carla A. Katz

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Mesothelioma Videos

Mesothelioma Incidents

Scranton’s roots lie in coal, steel and mining. Until the 1950s, the livelihood of many Scranton residents relied heavily on those industries, meaning many of Scranton’s older residents likely worked in these fields, or lived with someone who did.

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Asbestos Exposure

TMesothelial cells line the chest, abdomen, space around the heart, and the outer surface of organs. The lining, known as the mesothelium, protects the organs with lubrication that allows them to move. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause these cells to become cancerous, growing out of control into a tumor or causing other damaging conditions.


Malignant mesothelioma: Tumors begin in one of four main areas. Pleural mesotheliomas, which account for 75% of all mesothelioma cases, begin in the chest.
Peritoneal mesotheliomas begin in the abdomen and comprise the majority of remaining cases. Pericardial mesotheliomas begin in the covering around the heart, while mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis begins in the covering layer of the testicles.


Benign tumors of the mesothelium: These tumors are non-cancerous and removed by surgery. Normally no further treatment is required.


Pleural disorders: These are non-cancerous lung disorders caused by inhalation of asbestos fibers. They include pleural plaques (changes to the membranes surrounding the lungs), pleural thickening and pleural effusions, an abnormal collection of fluid between the tissue lining the lungs and the wall of the chest cavity. Asbestosis: Asbestosis is not cancer, but rather scar tissue that develops in the lung due to asbestos fibers being inhaled, resulting in breathing problems.


Lung cancer: When asbestos fibers are inhaled, they stick to the mucus in the throat, windpipe and/or bronchi (the large breathing tubes in the lungs). These fibers can damage the cells in the lungs, resulting in lung cancer.


Other cancers: The National Cancer Institute reports that some studies have shown a link between asbestos exposure and gastrointestinal and colorectal cancers, and an elevated risk for developing throat, kidney, esophageal or gallbladder cancer.

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The Scranton mesothelioma attorneys at Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C., understand the many emotions families go through when a loved one is diagnosed with mesothelioma. Our many years of experience handling mesothelioma and other injuries caused by prolonged asbestos exposure can help you get the compensation you deserve for you injuries.

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Investigating Mesothelioma Cases Requires Resources

Because a diagnosis of mesothelioma or mesothelioma-related conditions may not come for 20 – 50 years after exposure, building an effective case requires experience, knowledge and resources, as evidence may be unavailable, hard to obtain or, in the case of eyewitnesses, deceased, all due to the passage of time.

In order to prove your mesothelioma case, you will need to prove your medical diagnosis through medical records and physician statements. The defendant may require that your medical records be reviewed by an independent expert, or that you be examined by a doctor of its choosing. Your physician and other medical experts may be required to testify on your behalf at trial to prove that your mesothelioma was caused by asbestos exposure and not the result of other risk factors.


With more than 30 years’ experience handling mesothelioma cases, the attorneys at the Scranton law office of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. have the experience, knowledge and experts you need to win your case.


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