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St Christopher’s Hospital Fails after Surprise Inspection

Hospitals are a group that should be held to the highest standards of care. Care can make the difference between life and death. There is no room for shortcomings or preventable errors in a hospital setting. When errors occur, patients are the victims, and the results are often tragic. Unfortunately, a surprise inspection - the third one this year -[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Feb 6, 2017
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Proposal Harms Disabled Children in Low-Income Families

  Among the first initiatives of the newly elected Republican Congress and President Donald Trump is to convert Medicaid and SSI to block grants. This may sound harmless enough, but it is not. These proposals will slash the minimal benefits provided to disabled children in low-income families, and if this becomes law these children will be left at risk for[...]

By: Stewart Cohen @ Feb 1, 2017
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Medicare Ratings of Nursing Homes Biased

When you are searching for a nursing home for either yourself or your loved one, one of the most seemingly helpful tools is that of the Medicare nursing home compare tool. The nursing home compare tool allows a user to search for Medicare nursing homes in their area, and then provides a list of nursing homes and their rankings. Nursing[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jan 30, 2017
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Health Directories Far From Accurate

Regardless of the type of health insurance that you carry, one thing is for sure: it is important to know which doctors are - and are not - covered under your plan. What’s more, many people make decisions about which type of healthcare to purchase during the federal open enrollment periods based on which doctors are available under each plan[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jan 23, 2017
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Healthcare Providers to Put an End to Chemotherapy Errors

Chemotherapy drugs can effectively treat patients who suffer from a wide range of cancers, stopping cancer cells in their tracks. But chemotherapy can also be dangerous, and many have heard stories of the terrible side effects of chemotherapy treatment. One common type of chemotherapy drug called vincristine is especially risky because it is neurotoxic. This means that while the drug[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jan 16, 2017
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Dr. Refuses Care of Patient after Political Disagreement

While the election has ended, the stress and disappointment for some – and the elation for others – still exists. But regardless of your personal views, most people would agree that the doctor’s office is not the place for political discourse. That sentiment is one that Heidi Kravitz Dunn, a woman from Havertown, certainly agrees with. Unfortunately, when Kravitz Dunn[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jan 9, 2017
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Celebrex Deemed Safe for Use

When Celebrex was first introduced to the market in 1999, it seemed like a miracle drug; it could treat pain in patients – much like ibuprofen – but did not cause the serious bleeding and stomach ulcers that other drugs did. But it wasn’t long before questions about risks of using Celebrex were raised. And 10 years ago, the FDA[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jan 2, 2017
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Treated at Worst Hospitals = 3 Times More Likely to Die

Patients Treated at the Worst Medical Institutions Are Three Times More Likely to Die An article published this week in The New York Times highlights the fact that some hospitals perform better than others - an issue that has been discussed previously on this blog. However, the problem extends beyond just quality of care issues; those who are treated at[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Dec 17, 2016
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Failing to Adequately Investigate & Protect Against Death

St. Chris Hospital for Children Charged With Failing to Adequately Investigate - and Protect Against -  Children’s Deaths The death of a child is a tragic thing. In a hospital setting where a child is suffering from a terminal condition, death – despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals – may not be preventable. However, nine childhood deaths are unacceptable,[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Dec 13, 2016
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Unstable Dressers Lead to Child Deaths

In June of 2016, IKEA issued a recall of more than 29 million dressers manufactured by the company. The recall followed the deaths of at least six children, all of whom were killed when defective IKEA dressers toppled on top of them. Referred to as “tip-over” accidents, the problem is not limited to IKEA-made furniture alone; instead, the Consumer Product[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Dec 12, 2016
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Nine Children Lose Their Lives at Philadelphia Hospital

The death of a child is a tragic thing. In a hospital setting where a child is suffering from a terminal condition, death – despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals – may not be preventable. However, nine childhood deaths are unacceptable, and yet this is the precise number that St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, located in north Philadelphia, is[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Dec 5, 2016
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Hospitals Fail to Protect Patients from Bacteria

Clostridium difficile, or C. diff for short, is not a new bacteria. In fact, for more than a decade, health officials have been warning against the bacteria, and encouraging hospitals to take measures to prevent the bug from infecting patients. Despite warnings, however, a new analysis published by Consumer Reports highlights that hospitals have made little progress, and rates of[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Nov 28, 2016
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Is Malpractice Causing Rising Fentanyl Deaths?

When most people think of the abuse of prescription drugs in the United States, painkillers like Oxycontin, or the misuse of drugs like Vicodin, probably come to mind. And while the abuse of these drugs is serious and should by no means be downplayed, and while over-prescribing these drugs may very well result in a medical malpractice cause of action,[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Nov 21, 2016
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Bacterial Infections Linked to Prefilled Syringes

Hospital-acquired bacterial infections can be extremely dangerous for patients who are already immune and health-compromised. These infections become even more worrisome when the type of bacterial infection is one that is antibiotic-resistant, making the outbreak hard to treat and control. Sadly, in recent months several states have reported outbreaks of Burkholderia cepacia in healthcare facilities; the outbreak is being linked[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Nov 14, 2016
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Woman Wins $5 Million Suit Against Forklift Manufacturer

A forklift – particularly those designed with an open back that the operator steps in and out of, sans a door – may be inherently dangerous. At least, that is what the attorney for one plaintiff, Terry Wasilewski, tried to prove to the jury. In 2008, Plaintiff Wasilewski was operating a forklift as part of her routine job duties at[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Nov 7, 2016
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