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Two Kinds of Hospitals – One Could Be Lifesaving

When you are in need of medical care, especially care for a serious condition, how do you choose your hospital? Most patients would answer that location is a primary factor, likely followed by whether or not the hospital specializes in the type of treatment needed. What’s less likely for a patient to consider, however, is whether or not the hospital[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Aug 14, 2017
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The Best Way to Prevent Serious Injuries to Children in a Car Accident? Use a Seatbelt

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number one killer of children and teens ages zero through 19 is “unintentional injury.” The CDC further reports that the leading cause of child injury is motor vehicle crashes, which kill an average of 11 children a week in the U.S. A new analysis conducted by the University of[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Aug 11, 2017
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The United States’ Healthcare System Ranks Poorly

As one of the wealthiest countries, and one that spends about $9,000 per person each year on healthcare, it would logically follow that the U.S. has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, a recent global health scorecard found that the U.S. is lacking, with the results being called “an embarrassment” by the report’s chief author, Dr.[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Aug 9, 2017
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Mortality Rates Amongst Newborns Post-Surgery Raise Questions About Hospital Practices

Newborns are very delicate, and when they have health complications at the time of their birth, their treatment must be approached with extreme levels of care. Unfortunately, treatment is often very complicated and difficult, and does not always end well. Data published for five hospitals in Pennsylvania show that the number of infant deaths following newborn heart surgery is surprisingly[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Aug 7, 2017
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SSI Benefits for Children at Risk of Being Eliminated

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a valuable resource for children across the United States who are disabled. Unfortunately, House Republicans have proposed entitlement cuts, which could very well threaten the SSI lifeline that these children depend upon. Supplement Security Income Supports Thousands of Children with Disabilities Supplemental Security Income is a program that is funded by the U.S. government, and[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jul 31, 2017
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Losing a Child: One Woman Shares Her Grief & Helps Others Cope

There is no grief like that experienced as a result of losing a child. For parents across the U.S., the idea of something happening to their child is unbearable, and for those who have lost a child in a tragic accident or illness, moving forward in life can feel impossible. One woman, an RN at Kennedy University Hospital named Kimberly[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jul 24, 2017
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Communicating Risks of Surgery When the Stakes Are High

For patients who have to undergo a serious surgery, one of the most terrifying aspects can be not fully understanding what “high risk” really means, and what the potential worst-case scenario outcomes are. For patients and doctors alike, communicating these risks can prove difficult. Patients may not know which questions to ask, and may not understand medical terms even when[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jul 17, 2017
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Can a Health Insurance Company Stop Paying Mid-Treatment?

When you have a health condition that is serious enough that your wellbeing is at risk if you do not receive treatment, the idea of your insurance company denying your treatment is both shocking and threatening. However, that is exactly what happened for one Orange County man, 22-year-old Gillen Washington, who suffers from an immunodeficiency disease. Insurance Company Denies Treatment[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jul 10, 2017
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Risk of Miscarriage Linked to Antibiotic Use

For most women, the news of pregnancy is exciting, uplifting, and invigorating. However, no matter how healthy a woman is, the risk of miscarriage may be as equally threatening - about 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, according to the Mayo Clinic. In order to avoid miscarriage, many women take certain precautions, such as keeping weight in[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jul 3, 2017
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Jimmy Kimmel Brings Attention to Consequences of Repeal of Healthcare Laws for Infants

In late April 2017, Jimmy Kimmel and his wife welcomed a newborn baby boy into the world named Billy. While the birth went well, within a few hours, Billy began changing colors, and ultimately required emergency surgery to treat a condition called tetralogy of Fallot. Thankfully, Billy is OK, although he is now one of the millions of Americans who[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jun 26, 2017
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Diagnosis During Pregnancy Could Have Prepared Parents and Doctors for Heart Defect

On April 21, 2017, Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, gave birth to their son, Billy. While everything originally seemed fine, within hours of Billy’s birth, something was clearly wrong, and the parents were informed that their infant needed to undergo emergency heart surgery. Emergency Heart Surgery Required to Save Baby Billy’s Life Within a few hours of being born, nurses[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jun 19, 2017
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$20 Million Jury Verdict in Pelvic Mesh Trial

As reported by Philly.com, in late April 2017, the case of a Cinnaminson woman who filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson came to an end, with a jury verdict of $20 million in the woman’s favor. The woman, 56-year-old Peggy Engleman, originally filed suit against the company known for its baby and bath products due to defects in the[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ Jun 12, 2017
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New Jersey Mass Tort Case Law Update

  Reprinted with permission of the American Association for Justice® (May 2017) Copyright © 2017 American Association for Justice®, Formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA®) The first quarter of 2017 has been a very active time for mass tort practitioners and nowhere more so than in New Jersey. As many NLD members already know, New Jersey state and[...]

By: Jared Placitella @ May 15, 2017
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High-Quality Childcare Leads to Increased Rates of Success

  All parents know that one of the most oppressive child-rearing costs there is the cost of childcare. In fact, many parents are forced to stay at home to care for children, or choose lower-quality care based on a lack of economic means for higher-quality care. A new study led by James J. Heckman of the University of Chicago reveals[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ May 5, 2017
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Getting a Second Opinion May Help to Prevent Against Misdiagnosis

  If you are suffering from an illness, getting a second opinion may help to ensure that you are properly diagnosed. In fact, a new study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice found that more than 20 percent of patients who sought a second opinion had been misdiagnosed by the primary care provider. The Study: Misdiagnosis a[...]

By: Cohen, Placitella & Roth @ May 1, 2017
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